FAQs and Reviews about Anti-Aging Creams




Anti- aging creams play a vital role for those who want to preserve freshness and boldness of their skin. As we all knows that it is part to involve total care to enhance your skin. There are plenty of anti-aging creams which treat skin in their own ways. You can check some frequently asked questions about anti-aging which will help you to choose right anti-aging cream for your routine below:

What actually anti-aging creams do?


Anti-aging cream helps your skin from reducing dullness and stain to erase wrinkles and scars. Each cream has different ingredients and purposes; they do variety of things to make a person look younger. The cream will help to protect skin from pollution and elements like radicals. All cream also helps skin to make fresher, smoother, moisturize and better.


Differentiate between day and night cream


Face skin care companies is now offering day and night formula. The daytime cream contains sunscreen along with basic ingredients. Night cream won’t contain sunscreen and they are much richer in stability than day time. As we know skin renew itself at night, night cream helps skin to recover as soon as possible. Night cream also has ingredients that moisturize and increase the strength of the skin

 images (4)What Ingredients suit my skin?

All the ingredients you choose will depend on your skin type and how much your skin needed care. Chemicals such as retinoic acid, alpha lipoic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) are resulting from animal fats, and lactic acid, which comes from milk byproducts, can exfoliate the skin, revealing a healthier skin surface. Many anti-aging creams are consisting of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, C and E will helps to repair skin cell damage.


Should I consider natural ingredients??


Yes, they are very important, Natural ingredients like papaya extract, grape seed oil and mud minerals have many anti-aging benefits. These ingredients will smooth wrinkles slowly. Natural ingredients are very gentle on sensitive skin and they are better than any traditional anti-aging cream. These natural ingredients are much popular for their features.

How do I apply?


Apply anti-aging cream gently. Make sure to apply gently as it will harm the elasticity. Try to apply from upward stroke of the fingertips. Try to apply the cream in normal amount as per mention on the cream. Follow all the guidelines for the maximum result.


Which anti-aging cream will be recommended??


RVTL anti-aging cream is recommended because its consist of fruit extract of terminalia chebula for extracellular matrix prevention of the skin. You may see result in few days like eliminate puffiness around eyes, remove facial wrinkles and facial lining, dark spots and leave your skin healthier and younger.


Here are some reviews of RVTL anti-aging cream by phoenix labs

Karen Coulter:
I love this list! My dry skin was becoming a problem when products were either making it worse or way too greasy. I used Aveeno for a while and it helped greatly. I also used Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle repair and it helped moisturize while smoothing. I recently started to also use RVTL Anti-Aging cream after talking to a friend that received it as a gift. The products have all helped me skin become smoother, brighter and healthier. I recommend them all!


Sheila Holland: I had drooping eyes and wrinkles and I tried these products with great success. If you really want healthier looking skin and look years younger than you owe it to yourself to try these products. They have been tested and proven to work. If you are on the market for healthier and younger looking skin these product have been tested and proven to work no matter what your skin type. If your eyes are drooping and you have wrinkles then you need to check out these products from the link below.


Onita Grand: I was about to order the free sample but now I am skeptical.

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